Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back on the blog: The subtle return of myscccdaily

Yes, it is February and I have been slacking.

What did you expect, I am interning and working and raising two special boys.

However, this is not excuse for my lack of writing. I am currently working on presenting on blogging to the SCCC student body and faculty and one of the key points in my presentation is how important it is to KEEP WRITING.

Preparing this presentation has made me realize-- I've stopped writing. And, since I am going to be guiding others, it is probably best that I start practicing what I preach and show others what blogging is really all about.

(I just hope that someone is reading my blog)

Motivation to write can be easily diminished when no one cares. My duty from now on-- Make them care.

There are so many ways people communicate and get information across these days and blogging is just one of them. The difference between blogging and emails, magazines, newspapers, ect. is that no one is making you read them. You, as a reader decide what information you want to pay attention to; it doesn't just magically appear in your mailbox, sent to you from an unknown source without a face just an organizational title.

My job on this blog is to build a personality behind your news, be bias on certain issues, and share the juicy stuff that you can't necessarily get elsewhere.

I developed this blog partly because I was taking a class on blogging, partly because it was my job, but most importantly because I have strong connections to SCCC. As of late, my life has taken me into unknown territory. Student teaching is an unpaid full-time job. But, it has taught me that my best work, where I shine the most, is in making connections with faculty and students.

Now, I am working nights,  I have less and less time to interact with the student body here at SCCC and my work is all done behind the scenes.

However, that need to connect and make my position as an SCCC Student Activities representative fulfilling can be achieved through my success at my job. The more efficiently I work, the closer I feel to making a difference here at SCCC and part of my job is to connect to the students and staff. This blog provides me with that connection.

So, tell a friend to tell a friend about and let's keep the spirit alive.

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