Thursday, February 25, 2010

Student Affairs meeting today and everyone is busy

Following the "African American Male Webinar" today in Stockade 102, Student Affairs held their regularly scheduled meeting. I must say, it was relatively fast (they only had a little over an hour before the offices closed for the day) and yet, very productive.

When we think of meetings, no matter where we work, we often imagine sitting in a chair for a long period of time and the discussions going on, and on, and on, and on, and never seeming to get anything accomplished.

I sure have seen enough of these kinds of meetings in my day.

But, today we were effective and shared a lot of information. I credit this successful meeting to all of the employees in attendance. Each person shared their thoughts, ideas, and current plans for their slice of the whole Student Affairs pie-- and boy were their ideas tasty.

I say tasty, because we could all grasp each development as it was presented. We understood the ideas each person shared and could see the thoughts becoming actions.

Things are moving along quickly. Everyone has their missions and are working hard to follow through!

Problems were identified and solutions were already in place before each person could get back to their office.

SATURDAY is Financial Aid Day! All SUNY schools will be hosting this day for all new students wanting to apply to SCCC.

On the Agenda for upcoming events in March on campus:

1. March 2nd 11:30 - 1:00 in Stockade 101

President Bullock will be presenting on College issues including, the budget, reorganizational structure, the Strategic Plan and of his experience at Obama's State of the Union Address

2. March 3rd 4:00- 5:00 in the Lally Mohawk Room

Erika Dietz presents "VENTURE ON THE ROAD LESS TRAVLED" a presentation sure to get you ready for the future, no matter what it holds.

3. March 4th Career Fair in the Student Center

4. March 9th SUNY Lobby Day 7:00-3:00 Mandatory meeting for all representatives March 2nd

Still seeking 4 students who would be interested in participating in this unique learning experience.

5. March 9th Transfer Fair 11-1 pm

6. March 9th 3:45-4:45 in the Activity Forum

Smarty Beans Coffee House presents "Blogging Basics" presented by Kristine Moore (that's me). Learn more about the blogosphere.

7. March 25th Stockade 101 4:00-5:00

SAB PRESENTS Robert Channing Mentalist. He claims to be able to predict what one of the staff will be wearing the day of the show or the show is Free!

March is Women's History Month

Looking for Students to Mentor other students. Are you interested, or know someone who is? Call 381-1478 and I'll give you more details.

Scholarships are available in March- pick up your scholarship packet from Financial Aid

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't worry, be happy- Joyful living at SCCC

On my way into school this morning some guy in a red car gave me the finger because I wasn't going to let him get infront of me, but I didn't notice that he was giving me the finger until I let him in.

At first I was livid. I had my baby in the back seat, who I still had to drop off at the sitter's house before I actually made it to school for student teaching. The traffic was annoying as always, but at that point, I wasn't stressing it too much.

What can anyone ever do about traffic?

However, at one point, I did wonder if I got one of those GPS systems that tell you how to avoid the traffic would it help me make it to school on time (as is always the plan)?

But then I thought-- this is life Kristine; deal with it.

In my effort to graduate this year from Saint Rose, in addition to my internship/ student teaching, I need two physical education credits.

Yes, Saint Rose does make you take PE like back when you were in high school.

So, I go to the gym regularly, write a couple of papers here and there, document my lifestyle changes; but, in addition to all of this, I have to watch 10 hours of VHS tapes relating to the healthy person as a whole. One of the videos that I watched for this class was called "The Joy of Stress" leading me to my point for sharing my car ride to school with the whole world today.

The message of the video was that people, way too many people, in fact most of the people that I know do this, walk around miserable, complaining, and hopeless ALL of the time and that we need to laugh. We need to not take everything so seriously. Why are we always complaining.

We sound ridiculous.

Just try twirling next time you are at the office and you have something to complain about. Just state your complaint and twirl around in a circle while you're saying it. It really does feel much better and you all can laugh at it afterwards.

So, when I came here to SCCC today for work after my day at LaSalle after battleing the snow with my dress socks and ballerina slippers (oh how I wish that I wore my boots instead), I made my rounds in the office saying hello to my co-workers.

I found myself asking my favorite destresser-friend, "How are things? A lot of complaining still?" And it struck me, this place needs to smile more and try twirling when we feel like complaining. People are so overwhelmed with work. Complaining doesn't get them anywhere, in fact it just makes the environment that more stressful and the complainer and complainees that much more miserable.

We all need to twirl a little.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good intentions & the good ol' days

I have to be completely honest with you.

I haven't been keeping my word.

I thought that I could come out of my rut strong, but I guess I was wrong. Like many other aspects of life, daily writing requires discipline. And today, I just haven't disciplined myself enough to make a daily contribution to this blog.

Now don't get me wrong, I love blogging. It's just that I'm only on campus during the evenings and have felt a little disconnect from the student life that I used to be such a large part of.

Instead of attending club meetings, chatting in the halls with students that I've worked with from the Testing Center, Learning Center, Clubs and other campus activities, I am cooped up in my office, way far back behind Admissions, and when I look out my window its dark.

I am busily working while most of you are sitting down for dinner with your families, or catching the evening news. I am planning events like the Robert Channing  Mentalist show March 25th, or Smarty Beans Coffee House Presentations which are coming soon as part of our evening programming (I will be presenting on blogging), and many others.

I long to be a part of the College Community again. I just want to go back to the old days when I would sit in the cafeteria and split a chicken wrap from Chartwells with my fellow students and friend. SCCC was a blast back then, and hopefully, someday (when I've finished my own schooling) it will be just as much fun as the good ol' days at SCCC

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back on the blog: The subtle return of myscccdaily

Yes, it is February and I have been slacking.

What did you expect, I am interning and working and raising two special boys.

However, this is not excuse for my lack of writing. I am currently working on presenting on blogging to the SCCC student body and faculty and one of the key points in my presentation is how important it is to KEEP WRITING.

Preparing this presentation has made me realize-- I've stopped writing. And, since I am going to be guiding others, it is probably best that I start practicing what I preach and show others what blogging is really all about.

(I just hope that someone is reading my blog)

Motivation to write can be easily diminished when no one cares. My duty from now on-- Make them care.

There are so many ways people communicate and get information across these days and blogging is just one of them. The difference between blogging and emails, magazines, newspapers, ect. is that no one is making you read them. You, as a reader decide what information you want to pay attention to; it doesn't just magically appear in your mailbox, sent to you from an unknown source without a face just an organizational title.

My job on this blog is to build a personality behind your news, be bias on certain issues, and share the juicy stuff that you can't necessarily get elsewhere.

I developed this blog partly because I was taking a class on blogging, partly because it was my job, but most importantly because I have strong connections to SCCC. As of late, my life has taken me into unknown territory. Student teaching is an unpaid full-time job. But, it has taught me that my best work, where I shine the most, is in making connections with faculty and students.

Now, I am working nights,  I have less and less time to interact with the student body here at SCCC and my work is all done behind the scenes.

However, that need to connect and make my position as an SCCC Student Activities representative fulfilling can be achieved through my success at my job. The more efficiently I work, the closer I feel to making a difference here at SCCC and part of my job is to connect to the students and staff. This blog provides me with that connection.

So, tell a friend to tell a friend about and let's keep the spirit alive.