Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good intentions & the good ol' days

I have to be completely honest with you.

I haven't been keeping my word.

I thought that I could come out of my rut strong, but I guess I was wrong. Like many other aspects of life, daily writing requires discipline. And today, I just haven't disciplined myself enough to make a daily contribution to this blog.

Now don't get me wrong, I love blogging. It's just that I'm only on campus during the evenings and have felt a little disconnect from the student life that I used to be such a large part of.

Instead of attending club meetings, chatting in the halls with students that I've worked with from the Testing Center, Learning Center, Clubs and other campus activities, I am cooped up in my office, way far back behind Admissions, and when I look out my window its dark.

I am busily working while most of you are sitting down for dinner with your families, or catching the evening news. I am planning events like the Robert Channing  Mentalist show March 25th, or Smarty Beans Coffee House Presentations which are coming soon as part of our evening programming (I will be presenting on blogging), and many others.

I long to be a part of the College Community again. I just want to go back to the old days when I would sit in the cafeteria and split a chicken wrap from Chartwells with my fellow students and friend. SCCC was a blast back then, and hopefully, someday (when I've finished my own schooling) it will be just as much fun as the good ol' days at SCCC

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