Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't worry, be happy- Joyful living at SCCC

On my way into school this morning some guy in a red car gave me the finger because I wasn't going to let him get infront of me, but I didn't notice that he was giving me the finger until I let him in.

At first I was livid. I had my baby in the back seat, who I still had to drop off at the sitter's house before I actually made it to school for student teaching. The traffic was annoying as always, but at that point, I wasn't stressing it too much.

What can anyone ever do about traffic?

However, at one point, I did wonder if I got one of those GPS systems that tell you how to avoid the traffic would it help me make it to school on time (as is always the plan)?

But then I thought-- this is life Kristine; deal with it.

In my effort to graduate this year from Saint Rose, in addition to my internship/ student teaching, I need two physical education credits.

Yes, Saint Rose does make you take PE like back when you were in high school.

So, I go to the gym regularly, write a couple of papers here and there, document my lifestyle changes; but, in addition to all of this, I have to watch 10 hours of VHS tapes relating to the healthy person as a whole. One of the videos that I watched for this class was called "The Joy of Stress" leading me to my point for sharing my car ride to school with the whole world today.

The message of the video was that people, way too many people, in fact most of the people that I know do this, walk around miserable, complaining, and hopeless ALL of the time and that we need to laugh. We need to not take everything so seriously. Why are we always complaining.

We sound ridiculous.

Just try twirling next time you are at the office and you have something to complain about. Just state your complaint and twirl around in a circle while you're saying it. It really does feel much better and you all can laugh at it afterwards.

So, when I came here to SCCC today for work after my day at LaSalle after battleing the snow with my dress socks and ballerina slippers (oh how I wish that I wore my boots instead), I made my rounds in the office saying hello to my co-workers.

I found myself asking my favorite destresser-friend, "How are things? A lot of complaining still?" And it struck me, this place needs to smile more and try twirling when we feel like complaining. People are so overwhelmed with work. Complaining doesn't get them anywhere, in fact it just makes the environment that more stressful and the complainer and complainees that much more miserable.

We all need to twirl a little.

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