Monday, September 15, 2008

About My SCCC Daily

How it all began...

Have you ever felt that you truly belonged somewhere?

Schenectady County Community College has made me feel like a part of something big, bringing out the best in me in various aspects of life.

My journey began one hot summer day, when I made my routine trip to the mailbox. Inside was something extraordinary. I had discovered an SCCC Course Catalogue.

Yeah, I know what some of you must be thinking, "A course catalogue-- extraordinary?"

Yes, in fact, it was that little grayish pamphlet that beckoned me to the Admissions office. How could SCCC possibly make a difference? It was like a trance—Must. Inquire. Further. What I learned was that with the right attitude and a strong work ethic, the possibilities were endless.

And so, that journey began four years ago this fall (2009), and today I continue to be an active member of the Community College capitalizing on all the opportunities that it has to offer.

Now, instead of waiting twenty minutes for an elevator to the fifth floor Learning Center, I climb the stairs two levels and get to work behind the scenes of the Student Affairs Division. Elston 222 is equipped with an exclusive team of employees —you won’t find colleagues quite like them anywhere. Our jobs are to assist students in fulfilling their educational objectives and personal goals by focusing on student life outside of the classroom.

Why me in particular?

Well, my individual multifaceted perspectives represent many of the aspects of the diverse populations that the Student Affairs Division at SCCC serves on a daily basis…

-As a former student and active participant in the College’s extracurricular activities, I offer an inside perspective on the struggles and accomplishments of student clubs and organizations.

-As a current student at The College of Saint Rose in my senior year, I can relate to the educational struggles that all college students face including: heavy course work, difficult teachers, expensive books, ect. Furthermore, I can share in the excitement of student activities, graduation and reaching other academic milestones.

-As a mother of two boys, I work hard to provide for my family. Many parents can understand the challenges that surface when juggling work, school, and family.

What's it all about?

My mission in writing this blog is to bring together members of the Community College population, students, employees, alumni, friends, and family members in an effort to promote the opportunities available through the Community College and highlight the positive impacts that Communities can make in our society.

This Blog will not, however, tolerate any offensive comments regarding students and/or staff. But, it welcomes engagement in constructive criticism and discussions regarding issues that matter most in our Community.